Data Exchange Pilot

Excel File 2018 05-27 XBRL-CET - XBRL Orange Button  - Data Exchange Pilot - Initial - Monthly Reporting - Cut Sheet - Surety Bond - Data Sets

Initial Data Set

Monthly Operating Report Data Set

Cut Sheet Data Set - Initial

Surety Bond Data Set

Mission Statement
To utilize non-proprietary federally recognized machine readable data standards like XBRL and FIBO to promote innovation and accelerate the cost-effective adoption of data interoperability by synergizing various multi-industry trade association data sets to make solar more bankable by enabling data analytics for all stakeholders.

Orange Button XBRL Data Exchange for

   Solar System Performance Data

   Solar Panel Cut Sheet

   Surety Bonds Tailored for the Smart Grid

IECRE 61724

XBRL Data Exchange Pilot

This pilot will help us identify any additional data elements needed, allow us to evaluate the impact of the performance data received, and enable confidential B2B data exchange that will not rely on any third party product, service or repository.

The limited data set contains one time entry fixed data to identify the project and stakeholders, and only four fields that would be tracked.

1. Expected Operating Expenses By Reporting Period

2. Actual Operating Expenses By Reporting Period

3. Earnings Before Income Tax, Depreciation And Amortization, Actual by Reporting Period

4. Earnings Before Income Tax, Depreciation And Amortization, Forecast by Reporting Period

Those initial calculations can form the beginning basis for data analytics and predictive analytics, without being too much a burden for generating the initial data flow.

No fancy algorithm needed for that calculation, or expertise necessary for interpretation.

Initial Orange Button XBRL Cut Sheets for Solar Panels has been added

Action Plan

Provide a free shareware “sandbox” app for the Salesforce platform, along with other platforms, for exchanging the two data sets in XML, XBRL and FIBO to promote adoption by reducing implementation cost with guaranteed secure and reliable data interoperability.
     Just a simple conversion of the two spreadsheets into a Salesforce database.

Promote multi industry collaboration on the Company Profile, data set generated by solar installers with data consumption by general contractors, project owners and financial markets, utilizing the shareware apps to streamline prequalification along with improving access to surety and bank credit for solar installers, and solar financing for prospective solar owners/operators.

Promote multi industry collaboration on the IECRE 61724 data in XBRL generated by solar installers and asset operators with data consumption by financial markets, utilizing the shareware apps to streamline and improve access to solar system financing for prospective solar owners/operators, with more competitive terms and conditions.

Leverage the contractors company profile data set to help consumers building or repairing solar assets, public or private, better qualify their contractors and to reduce the barrier surety can be to small business.

Leverage the two data sets for implementing an On Bill program for financing solar projects as an additional option to encourage the private sector to install solar assets by providing competitive pricing with risk mitigation and risk transfer structures, as part of a larger distributed energy strategy.

Help public and private entities transition to digital communication and electronic transactions, including the implementation of electronic bonding.

Help public and private entities leverage the capability enabled by data analytics to better quantify risk and exposure for improved data management and administration for better alignment of financial products to financial obligations to reduce unnecessary burden and excess costs that undermine solar bankability.

From construction contracts and customs duties to interconnection and PPA agreements, the more financial obligations are defined and quantified, the more reliable and predictable the financial products can be.

Tailor the prototype app for veteran owned companies where-ever possible.

Stay under the US Cyber umbrella.

​​​              Initial Data Set

Project General Information
   Individual Authorized To View System Data, Email And Phone

Project Owner Information
   Developer, Name
   Developer Identifier By Federal Tax ID
   Project Company (Special Purpose Vehicle), Name
   Project Company (Special Purpose Vehicle By Federal Tax ID

Project Information
   Project, Name
   Project Description
   Project Size, Megawatts
   Project Size Value, Amount

Utility Information
   Utility Name
   Utility Legal Entity Identifier 
   Utility Legal Entity Identifier by Federal Tax ID

Construction Monitoring
   Availability Of Construction Monitoring Report, Flag

   Construction Monitoring Report, Dashboard Link

System Monitoring
   Data Acquisition System Documentation URI, Link

Financial Performance Ratios
   Expected Operating Expenses By Reporting Period
   Actual Operating Expenses By Reporting Period
   Earnings Before Income Tax, Depreciation And Amortization, Actual by Reporting Period
   Earnings Before Income Tax, Depreciation And Amortization, Forecast by Reporting Period

Included in spreadsheet

Data set for the Monthly operating Report

Data set for solar panel module

Data set for the initial bond forms

​   (See Electronic Surety Bond Form Tailored for Energy Infrastructure)


There will be many approaches, recommendations and actions taken in response to the disasters and the need to quickly rebuild.  The challenge is not determining at the outset which one is best, but to allow flexible development to let the best ideas come forward and to establish a framework that promotes innovation, collaboration and competition.  More importantly avoids proprietary solutions, licensing, endorsements or preferred treatment that constrain innovation and limit competition.

What every community needs, disaster or not, is to transition to and leverage technology that reflects next generation capabilities, and to leave behind the last generation of policies and procedures that constrain and restrict progress.  

The SRC XBRL-CET pilot to improve access to surety and bank credit for small business, enable innovation, promote clean energy and be a resource for veterans is a contribution that that is not the “one “answer, or exclusive of other efforts.  Instead it is designed to complement and support other efforts by contributing functionality and enabling data analytics.

Together the multi-industry collaboration to implement data interoperability during this time of disruption and confusion will ultimately bring clarity and direction to the important task at hand.   

Let's get to work.

Electronic Data Exchange

The data elements for the initial data set and bond forms will be exchanged electronically with prototype applications that will help demonstrate how easy it will be to implement data interoperability with XBRL.  

  See Electronic Data Exchange

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Phase Two Implementation