Electronic Data Exchange

To maintain bank or surety credit programs all you need to do is upload the data sets you need, and upload them as appropriate.

Maintaining Bank or Surety Credit

Or, If your system can export the company profile data set in XBRL.

Must enter something for Tax ID to submit


Must enter something for Solar Site Identifier to submit

To establish a bank or surety credit facility all you need to sync your data by providing your federal tax ID so the data can be pulled right from the system that contains the company data. 

The data can include all the information for underwriting a single bond or for the entire company

Order a Solar Project Surety Bond

Is that all there is?

Examples of Data Interoperabilty


Syncing Data

Data Interoperability
When you exchange a “contact file” card out of Microsoft Outlook and send it as an email attachment you are utilizing data interoperability between two systems. 

Your Outlook still has the contact data in your system, and when the person you sent it to imports the contact data they will have it in their system. 

Doesn’t matter if they use Lotus Notes or Google contacts, nor do they care that you sent if from Microsoft Outlook. 

There is no third party handing your data.

Syncing Data
Imagine you are completing an online application that includes your address, and when you enter your zip code the application automatically populates the city and state.  It could do that because it synced the zip code with an external data base that had zip codes and their related city and state information and pulled that external data into your app.

Like the Outlook example above, the zip code data base still has its data, and your app how its data, including the city and state that you did not have to enter.

If you have used Intuit Quicken of QuickBooks and then used TurboTax to file your taxes, TurboTax syncs your data from Quicken or QuickBooks and populates the appropriate data fields in TurboTax and then electronically uploads the data to the IRS.

Like the Outlook and zip code example above, the Quicken / QuickBooks still has all its data, only sent to TurboTax what was needed, and you did not have to enter the data manually, and the update was sent securely to the IRS and your taxes were filed.

TurboTax synced the data from Quicken / QuickBooks and sent it on the to the IRS.

All data transferred was under your control at all times.

Solar System Performance Data

Data Aggregation

We have made data exchange easy by utilizing the federally recognized machine readable data standard XBRL so all you have to do is sync your system that supports exporting in XBRL so that our system can import the required data without your having to manually re-enter the data, and data has no entry errors.

Simply set your Account Profile to identify the systems you use, set up permissions for a sync request and response, and when you want to pull together the data to exchange simply identify where to sync the data from, identify what specific data set you want, and then hit the Submit Button.

The data will be synced by pulling the specific data set from your system into Surety Resource Connection, and administered as appropriate.

Or you can simply go to any system you have and export the data set for the specific data set and upload it to Surety Resource Connection.

Must enter something for Solar Site Identifier to submit

Or, If your system can export the solar system performance data set in XBRL.

To order bonds on solar projects all you need to sync your data by providing the Solar Site Indentifier so the data can be pulled right from the system that contains the data.  The data can include all the information for underwriting bond and the information for executing the bond.

Establishing Bank or Surety Credit

Company Profile Data