Forms as data sets

XBRL-CET and SGIP PAP25 collaborators participate without compensation in a various industry and trade association efforts, is engaged in specific government grants and funding opportunities associated with data interoperability, and seeks to engage in as many activities as possible to promote awareness of the existence and potential of existing open data standards, particularly XBRL, FIBO and IEC, with the objective of having many different stakeholders utilize those standards instead of creating competing standards, or standards that are limited to specific industries as a silo for expediency when a wider audience is achievable with little extra effort.

See: Zero Cost Proposals

Part of the AGC Surety Connection Project at California State University Chico to provide educational opportunities for students interested in learning about efforts to improve the efficiency of construction through data analytics enabled by data interoperability

See: Educational STEM Program at California State University Chico

        STEM Educational Program

The DOE Orange Button is designed to promote data interoperability to reduce the soft coasts of solar.

The XBRL-CET / SGIP PAP25 working group are participating by contributing a prototype shareware Salesforce app for a company profile that will be put up on the Salesforce App Exchange that at a minimum can import and export XBRL data sets for qualifying contractors and administering construction contracts that will significantly reduce underwriting burdens, instantly create improved risk management capabilities through predicative analytics.

See: Hack-a-thon

Surety Resource Connection - Online Specialty Surety Unit is engaged in several inter-related projects to promote machine readable data standards that will enable more efficient surety policies and procedures including initial underwriting, electronic bond issuance and project monitoring 

Emergency Response

Zero Cost Proposals

STEM Education

We are working to identify the most common forms and applications so that all the required data elements that are used in those forms are incorporated into the XBRL taxonomy, so that data traditionally exchanged by manually completing paperwork can be exchanged digitally with confidence in data quality and reliability

See: Forms as Data Sets

Data interoperability is needed now more than ever by our nation as we work to rebuild after Harvey, Irma and Maria as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For our neighbors that will be inundated with government recovery dollars, we are accelerating our efforts to develop resources that can reduce burdens as federal, state and local agencies better meet the challenge of a high volume of contracts, while reducing the burdens on small local companies being able to participate.

For our neighbors that will be inundated with insurance recovery dollars, we are accelerating our efforts to develop resources that can reduce burdens and promote confidence as public and private entities manage the high volume of solar repairs and rebuilding with too few solar installation contractors for the volume required

See: Emergency Response



Salesforce Chico Common App

The Salesforce Chico Common App is an updated version of the original ASP version.