Compliance with Salesforce Accelerate EMEA | FinServ guidelines.
We will have a selected startup in EMEA, and they will be the developers and owners of the shareware app for the DOE/Orange Button “Cute Sheet”

Any funding from Salesforce, or access to a free org platform would go to CSU Chico for their STEM program where SRC is mentoring students on how to program for Salesforce.

The CSU Chico campus will have a budget for Dan Peter, Experts and other expenses, but SRC will not be part of the budget.

All funded activity under the EMEA program will be for the benefit of Salesforce and the CSU Chico and Sister Campus STEM program.  

Synergy with other Data Interoperability Efforts 

Our work on the DOE Orange Button for:
Reducing Burdens for Construction of Infrastructure
Data Interoperability as Innovation Enabler

Our comments we submitted to the DOT for:
Reducing Burdens for Construction of Infrastructure
Data Interoperability as Innovation Enabler

Our proposal to this Salesforce Accelerate EMEA | FinServ for:
Reducing Burdens for Construction of Infrastructure
Data Interoperability as Innovation Enabler

​What a coincidence.

Salesforce Accelerate EMEA | FinServ.


Our deliverable be a free Salesforce App that can import/export the XBRL financial international financial data to accelerate interoperability for all Salesforce programmers, and help establish Salesforce in EMEA.

K. Dixon Wright
Surety Resource Connection

Dan Peter


Surety Resource Connection (SRC) and the XBRL-CET working Group have been working with the Department of Energy Orange Button for expanding the XBRL US GAPP taxonomy to enable reliable data interoperability and data analytics capabilities in the financial markets so that stakeholders from multiple industries can streamline administration, underwriting and employ predictive analytics to mitigate potential defaults before they escalate into a more disruptive problem.

One objective is to contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically Sustainable Development Goal #7 (SDG7), clean energy.

Salesforce/SRC is welcome to exploit our current position with multiple stakeholders and association with Dan Peter to help the EMEA initiative, break the internal silo approach and have multiple Salesforce units synergize on our deliverable, including Public Relations and Salesforce Ventures.

SRC and Dan Peter are excited about being able to help Salesforce meet those objectives.

Two free Salesforce App on the App Exchange that can import/export in the internationally recognized and adopted XBRL data standard
         XBRL Chico Common App, including all the forms required by the SBA.
         Solar Panel Cut Sheet

These free apps will

1.Help fight Climate Change

2.Provide university students in STEM with projects that generate graduates with Salesforce expertise.

3.Assist private businesses, the SBA and other local/state/federal agencies in their development of systems that are more efficient, along with providing compliance for mandated modernization.

4.Promote small business, diversification and inclusion.

5.Accelerate other Salesforce programmers to develop innovative FinTech and InsurTech applications

Reducing Burdens for Construction of Infrastructure
Data Interoperability as Innovation Enabler

Pitch Deck

Deliverable Timeline
Starting September 2018 Surety Resource Connection (SRC) will contribute to the EMEA Salesforce startup mentoring program with a selected EMEA startup as a pilot.  The EMEA startup will be selected after consultation with Salesforce that our proposal is moving forward.

SRC and its many collaborators provide individual mentoring to that selected startup to build a Data Exchange shareware app for the App Exchange that can import and export the DOE/Orange Button “Cut Sheet” as machine readable data like XBRL.

The shareware app will contribute to UN Sustainability Development Goal #7 for Clean Energy, and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) for Impact Investment.

In December, the shareware Salesforce App will enable internationally recognized financial data standards to be easily exchanged with multiple business partners, will be distributed on the AppExchange as a catalyst for other Salesforce programmers to utilize for accelerating their development of innovative apps that will enable Impact Underwriting.

Educational mentoring services to a EMEA University selected as a sister Impact Campus with California State University Chico as part of an international STEM program and collaboration.

   Regarding CSU Chico as a sister campus
      The Institute for Sustainable Development at CSU Chico
      Our project at CSU Chico Center for data interoperability

Expand the number of Salesforce startups in FinTech and InsurTech, with qualified Salesforce programmers throughout EMEA and enable Impact Programming.


Dan Peter is a leading Salesforce programmer and currently engaged in various consulting opportunities.  XBRL-CET work overlaps many of the objectives of Salesforce, and having the resource and industry adoption as an initial development stage for SRC would benefit both Salesforce, SRC and anyone working on the Salesforce platform.

Alfred Berkeley leads the Impact Investing for the UN Global Sustainability Index Institute (UNGSII), and we are working on developing Impactevents to highlight the companies and people that have lead the way in developing innovative financial products and services, what we refer to Impact Underwriters, so that resulting financial reporting can be tracked by Impact Investors looking to support companies that are making an Impact on climate change

Before there can be Impact Investing targeting companies that contribute to UNSDG #7 those companies must first implement a way to quantify, measure and monitor their activity and report that activity in a consistent and internationally recognized format for financial reporting and benchmarking.

As part of the recent DOE Funded Orange Button a wide range of industry experts contributed their time and expertise to expand the XBRL taxonomy for financial reporting to the SEC to now include data elements for building and maintaining the nation’s modernized SMART Grid that promotes clean energy to fight climate change.

With the addition of almost 5,000 XBRL data elements for energy projects the same taxonomy used by public companies to report financial data in GAAP can now be used by private entities to innovate ways to leverage data to make clean energy more bankable and bondable to reduce risk and secure lower cost of capital, plus provide financial reporting for their Impact on Climate Change to highlight their corporate sustainability policy and attract Impact Investors.

The DOE Orange Button has blended the XBRL international financial reporting standard with the international IEC data standard for energy systems, and incorporated data elements for the construction, freeing communications from geographical constraints and demonstrating how data standards can be synergized across industry segments to promote efficiency and remove barriers.

A public resource without license restrictions or similar constraints, with consistent data definitions and structure that is internationally recognized and available worldwide will not only enable efficient communication, it will promote innovation as entrepreneurs new and old leverage the ability for data analytics, along with predictive analytics, to improve administration, reduce costs and better manage risk.

The expanded taxonomy will also provide utilities with a reliable way to interact digitally with customers, vendors, and entities connecting to the grid.

Not to mention enable compliance with various reporting requirements to multiple regulatory bodies.

Reducing both the cost and risk for construction of energy infrastructure will have the greatest impact on attracting competitive financing, which in turn will accelerate the construction of clean reliable energy by the private sector, and streamline public policies.

We can demonstrate how utility companies, corporate off-takers, solar developers, EPC contractors, O&M Providers, banks, insurance companies, contractors and manufacturers are beginning to utilize this new functionality to make clean energy more bankable and bondable, in any place, in any country.

We will also demonstrate how the standardized data can be used for more accurate reporting across industry segments, and nations for enabling data monitoring, accountability and transparency that aligns with the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)