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Tom Wilder
Executive Director
SAP University Competence Center
California State University Chico 

K. Dixon Wright


Surety Resource Connection

Senior Vice President - Surety

USI Insurance Services.

The 2018 Summer STEM Program will identify all the data fields used by the various SBA forms used for providing surety support, and the forms developed by the California Public Utilities Commission for company profiles, and seek to have the XBRL Orange Button taxonomy be expanded so that all the fields utilized by both the SBA and CPUC for building and maintaining solar facilities are incorporated into the XBRL taxonomy and ready for use by any entity that wants to exchange data using those specific data sets.

This educational opportunity not only provides industry with qualified graduates, the student contributions will enable any number of innovations by others to leverage the significant improvement in efficiency and reduction of administrative overhead made possible by data interoperability.

Data interoperability also enables data analytics and significant improvement in the capabilities to better manage risk.

A basic building block for data interoperability is the establishment of data sets where the data elements are defined for true “apples to apples” data exchange enabled by open standards like XBRL and FIBO.

The 2018 STEM student, Kunal Bhavsar, has created the following “Forms as Data Sets” in PDF that identifies each field in each form and then compiles the various forms in a spreadsheet that cross references all the forms use of common data fields, checks against the current XBRL taxonomy to verify the data element already exists in the taxonomy, and recommends adding any data elements that are missing to the XBRL taxonomy.

How these data elements ultimately get incorporated into the various applications that use the data elements, or forms as data sets, is up to any system developer.

The objective is not how the data elements get used, but that they available for use as a reliable and secure sustainable resource.

Stakeholders can utilize the “Forms as Data Sets” for prequalification and reporting to project owners, general contractors, accountants, banks, sureties and insurance companies.

More importantly, public and private entries, as well as commercial vendors can incorporate the data exchange functionality into their respective systems without IP constraints, costs, fees or licenses

Ben Witt

Development Officer

College of Business 

California State University Chico

Kunal Bhavsar

California State University, Chico

Degree Pursuing

Master of Business Administration
Enterprise Information Systems

Summer 2018 - Sponsored by Surety Resource Connection

Fall 2018 - Sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank